Transfer in Swetzerland

Taxi and transfer. For individuals and for groups 

Transfer in Switzerland and through Europe

Only black Mercedes. Professional drivers.

Legal transport operator with all admittances and applicable legal requirements of Switzerland.

The company «TransferCH» offers only modern autos and professional drivers. We arrange meeting and transfer from Zurich (international airport) to any settlement in Switzerland and Europe.

Delivery in any city of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Monaco.

To order transfer in Switzerland for a family or for groups of 3-4 people is cheaper and more convenient than buying train tickets. Transfers form Zurich airport and other places in the country are on the comfortable and modern cars, with Russian-speaking drivers.

The individual approach to every customer (loading and unloading of cargo, stops along the route at any time, optional deviation from the route, transfer in Switzerland at night without additional charge).

Order transfer

In the comments indicate the meeting place – the place of delivery, the number of people / baggage, presence of children under 10 years old, the presence of bulky cargo (skiing, snowboarding, diving, golf equipment).

About us

We are a young, dynamically developing transport services company in Switzerland.

Our drivers speak Russian and Ukrainian; they are distinguished by professional car driving, extensive experience and are well aware of the routes that they drive. We will provide you a reliable and comfortable vehicle to your destination.

We offer first-class service at the best prices in Switzerland on a modern, 2017 model year, economy and minivan car.

We offer the best prices for transfer in Switzerland.

Our price is the best.

We guarantee it!

Payment in cash or by credit card through the terminal in the car. 

Accepted cards of all banks in the world.

Our advantages


Legal transport operator with all admittances and insurance certificates, the cars are equipped in accordance with laws and rules of Switzerland.


If there are children among passengers, a car will be equipped with a child seat (up 2 years) or booster chair (up to 10 years).


The driver with a table meets you in arrival lounge, a car is delivered to the exit (not to the common parking).


There are stops along the road in picturesque places, for coffee, etc.


Assistance in loading and unloading



We can provide safe transfer of pets.

Our transport is strictly black Mercedes. Professional drivers.

Tesla Model 3

Comfortable and roomy car. Quiet and comfortable ride

Main characteristics:

  • Electrically adjustable heated seats;
  • Fully automatic climate control system with pollen and charcoal filters, three different ventilation modes and heated legs;
  • Self-closing doors and luggage compartment lid;
  • Excellent sound insulation inside the car;
  • Large amount of luggage;
  • Comfortable access to the salon;
  • Free Wi-Fi in the car.


Our cars – only black Mercedes with 4-wheel drive.
 Minivan can place 8 people + 8 baggage pieces + skiing gear

If necessary, we can provide place for a child from 0 month

MERCEDES V-classe for 7 passengers

+ luggage trailer

Comfortable and roomy car.

Main characteristics:

  • Electrically adjustable heated seats;
  • Fully automatic climate control system;
  • Self-closing doors and luggage compartment lid;
  • Optional door opening system;
  • Excellent sound insulation inside the car;
  • A large amount of luggage place;
  • Automatic ventilation system in the cabin;
  • Free Wi-Fi in the car.


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Mersedes Sprinter

Our contacts

24 hours / 365 days

Mobil: +41 78 770 20 64

Viber: +41 78 770 20 64

WhatsApp: +41 78 770 20 64


English Deutsch +41 79 241 29 58

Order transfer

In the comments indicate the meeting place – the place of delivery, the number of people / baggage, presence of children under 10 years old, the presence of bulky cargo (skiing, snowboarding, diving, golf equipment).

To buy a car in Switzerland

If you decide to buy a car in Switzerland, you made the right choice. It is a country, where beautiful landscapes, cleanness and law-obedience of citizens are in every side of life.

Taxi in the cities of Switzerland

Undoubtedly, taxi is one of the most popular modes of transport, especially when it comes to visitors, tourists, businessmen. Most people do not have time to search for vehicles, which sometimes translates into large amounts spent on moving from one point to another. The company “TransferCH”, in turn, offers a completely new format. Just a few minutes on our website, and you can order an individual transfer to any city in Switzerland and to Europe. We organize a trip from the airport, to a hotel or a trip to the sights of the country. The most popular taxi routes are:

    • taxi from the airport – Geneva
    • taxi from the airport – Baden
    • taxi from the airport – Zurich
    • taxi from the airport – Montreux
    • taxi from the airport – Lugano
    • taxi from the airport – Bad-Ragaz
    • taxi from the airport – Lucerne
    • taxi from the airport – Basel
    • taxi from the airport – Bern
    • taxi from the airport – Brunnen
    • taxi from the airport – Burgenstock

  • taxi from the airport – Hur
  • taxi from the airport – Crans-Montana
  • taxi from the airport – Davos
  • taxi from the airport – Engelberg
  • taxi from the airport – Diablerets
  • taxi from the airport – Flims
  • taxi from the airport – Laax
  • taxi from the airport – Grindelwald
  • taxi from the airport – Pstaat
  • taxi from the airport – Arosa
  • taxi from the airport – Klosters
  • taxi from the airport – Lausanne
  • taxi from the airport – Leukerba
  • taxi from the airport – Locarno
  • taxi from the airport – Ascona
  • taxi from the airport – Zug
  • taxi from the airport – Andermatt
  • taxi from the airport – Turen
  • taxi from the airport – Pontresina

  • taxi from the airport – Saas Fee
  • taxi from the airport – Samedan
  • taxi from the airport – St. Gallen
  • taxi from the airport – Verbier
  • taxi from the airport – Villars-sur-Ollon
  • taxi from the airport – Witznau
  • taxi from the airport – Weggis
  • taxi from the airport – Wengen
  • taxi from the airport – Zermatt
  • taxi from the airport – Tash
  • taxi from the airport – Interlaken.

In turn, our services are much wider than this list. The transfer organized by our company compares favorably with taxis in fact that our cars will be waiting for you (the driver will meet you with a nameplate), the choice of a comfortable car (class, capacity – minivan, minibus, with a large luggage compartment), change of route, fixed cost when booking, Russian-speaking drivers with excellent knowledge of the area and attractions of the country.

We speak English in Switzerland 

We speak English in Switzerland – this is the main thing you need to know about our company. When people can communicate in one language, any questions are solvable. Russian driver in Switzerland is a very popular service. And this is easily explained, because many people often come here on a business trip, on vacation, study and visit. Sometimes visitors do not know the local language or speak English poorly. At this point, various difficulties appear: from ordering a car to buy even the smallest things. Fortunately, there is such a service as a transfer from the TransferCH company, where you will have a personal driver in Switzerland who is fluent in Russian and knows all the nuances of moving and living in this beautiful country. After all, finding a Russian-speaking driver in a taxi service in Switzerland is quite problematic. Therefore, it is better to play it safe in advance and book a transfer with us.

A Russian-speaking driver in Geneva, Zurich, Bern – it’s not just giving the address from the airport, it is also a pleasant conversation on the road, the opportunity to listen to the sights of the city and country. This is an opportunity to get practical advice about shops, cafes and restaurants, public transport and the general life of citizens in the country. A Russian driver in Zurich or Geneva can become your personal driver for the duration of your stay in the country, which will save you from unnecessary worries and troubles. TransferCH Company – We speak Russian in Zurich and Geneva, in Baden and Lausanne. We speak Russian in all cities of Switzerland. Order a transfer from us, and a Russian-speaking driver will quickly and comfortably deliver you anywhere in the country.

Aндерматт 125 km 250.-
Aроза 155 km 310.-
Aскона 216 km 430.-
Баден 25 km 60.-
Бад Рагац 95 km 190.-
Базель 87 km 180.-
Берн 125 km 250.-
 Бруннен  75 km  150.-
 Бюргеншток  91 km  180.-
 Хур  145 km  300.-
 Кранс-Монтана   305 km  600.-
Давос 150 km  300.-
 Диаблерец  292 km  600.-
 Энгельберг  104 km  210.-
 Флимс  138 km  280.-
 Лаакс  138 km  280.-
 Женева  278 km  560.-
Гриндельвальд  150 km  300.-
Гштаат  187 km  380.-
 Интерлакен  131 km  270.-
Клостерс  135 km  280.-
Лозанна  228 km  460.-
 Лойкербад  319 km  640.-
 Локарно  216 km  440.-
 Лугано  219 km  440.-
 Люцерн  65 km  130.-
 Монтрё   210 km  420.-
 Mюрен  147 km   300.-
 Понтрезина  222 km  460.-
 Саас Фэ  347 km  700.-
 Самедан  221 km  450.-
 Санкт Галлен  85 km  180.-
 Санкт Мориц  214 km  450.-
 Вербир  281 km   560.-
 Вилларс-сир-Оллон   241 km  500.-
 Вицнау  69 km  150.-
 Веггис  65 km 140.-
 Венген  148 km  300.-
 Церматт / Тэш  350 km  700.-
 Цуг  49 km  100.-